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Ceresola Inspection Services Overview

Founded in 2000, Ceresola Inspection Services (CIS) is a privately owned and operated environmental and construction consulting firm. CIS is certified Woman Business Enterprise (WBE) with the California Public Utilities Commission Supplier Clearinghouse. We specialize in providing planning, permitting and compliance management, environmental compliance monitoring, and construction inspection services.

Dirt Construction Site

Currently, CIS is providing As-Needed Environmental Services to SWG which offers us an unique understanding of what it takes to successfully execute projects and the expertise, technical resources, and the organizational commitment to complete all necessary tasks. CIS provides clients the highest level of technical, professional, and scientific consulting staff with extensive experience in the preparation of planning studies and environmental documents; preparation and processing of permits and associated approvals through local, state, and federal agencies; proven management capabilities to accomplish project-specific objectives on time and within budget; and all levels of quality assurance and controls to make sure the project is completed within specific mitigation measures and technical specifications.

Foreman Overlooking Bridge Construction Site

We offer a talented, innovative, and committed professional staff that is dedicated to maintaining the standard of excellence our clients have come to expect. CIS utilizes a broad range of experience with residential, commercial, industrial, mining, county, city, state and federal agencies to deliver projects ranging in scope and complexity. By using interdisciplinary teams and an integrated approach, CIS routinely prepares environmental assessment documents for projects regulated under state, federal, and local agencies that comply with NEPA and CEQA. We have expertise in all aspects of environmental management from project initiation through mitigation design to on-the-ground implementation and execution of post-construction reclamation plans.

Our team merges a talented group of professionals with multi-disciplinary expertise and ensures that our product shall be prepared using an integrated approach which will include the use of the natural and social sciences and the environmental design arts. CIS has extensive experience analyzing complex proposed actions that require the preparation of environmental impact statement (EIS) summaries designed for diverse audiences including White House officials, agency decision-makers, industry, nongovernmental organizations, the public, and litigants. Our team possesses large-scale national experience yet we also bring the regional focus and attention of a smaller firm. We frequently work on time-sensitive projects and offer in-house resources throughout the project lifecycle and are dedicated to providing regulatory compliance, finding legally and technically sound ways to manage resources and realize efficiencies.

We are the right choice for your next project!

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