Quality Assurance / Quality Control

Ceresola Inspection Services has developed thorough review procedures for all project deliverables. A lead editor and peer
reviewer reviews every project before being presented to the client. Through this process, we ensure the highest quality
possible for our products. CIS Compliance and Planning Managers also play a significant role in ensuring that all projects meet the technical and professional standards expected by our clients and regulatory agencies.

Schedule & Resource Tracking

CIS project managers maintain an acute awareness of project scheduling and budget issues. This awareness begins with the development and communication of the project schedule and budget during an initial kickoff meeting. The project manager is then responsible for tracking progress
and costs on a monthly (or more frequently, if necessary) basis. Our project managers will quickly identify any schedule or
budget issues and inform the client early in the project. In addition, our client will receive an initial project schedule and
budget when task orders are submitted and will receive updates on the project through a weekly status report.  

Planning & Permitting

CIS can provide coordination between applicable resource agencies and other stakeholders to obtain their input on conceptual designs, potential project impacts, resource issues, and permitting strategies. CIS staff has extensive experience with all of the key agencies in the region and we have a good understanding of their concerns. We are familiar with the requirements of the Utility Environmental Protection Act (UEPA), National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), Washoe County’s Dust Control Plans, and the Truckee Meadows Regional Planning Agency’s Utility Corridor Report.  Based on our experience, it is important to coordinate with the regulatory agencies early in the process to gain a thorough understanding of their issues and ideas regarding various project alternatives. We provide information in such a manner that the regulatory agencies can understand the project constraints and how potential impacts have been addressed. Such coordination helps ensure a better project design; a more expedited environmental compliance process, and fewer revisions to the project in later phases. 
  • Scoping
  • Environmental Assessment/Notice of Intent
  • Preparation of Draft Documentation
  • Notice of Completion/Notice of Availability
  • Response to Comments/Final Document Preparation
  • Findings of Fact/Statement of Overriding Considerations
  • Notice of Determination/Record of Decision.

Environmental Consulting

In its role as environmental consultants to both project proponents and governmental agencies, CIS has supported both applicants and “lead agencies” in conducting technical studies and reviewing environmental documents. In addition to providing detailed technical studies addressing specific topical issues, CIS helps permitting agencies and project applicants to fulfill their environmental disclosure obligation. CIS prepares, in full compliance with CEQA, the NEPA Guidelines, and any applicable local guidelines all environmental documentation undertaken to further publicly initiated or privately sponsored activities. Since the precise scope of the required consulting services cannot be defined in the absence of a specific project assignment, the following outline is provided to identify those environmental compliance activities that CIS performs, manages or monitors.

General & Specific Plan Formulation

Ceresola Inspection Services has developed and implemented general and specific district plans that establish a policy framework for subsequent activities within that broad-based program. At project commencement, an implementation strategy is formulated that includes milestone dates, resource allocation commitments, and citizen participation plans. In cooperation with both the project proponent and the public agency, a data assemblage plan is devised, tentative goals, objectives, and programmatic policies developed, and outreach efforts undertaken. 

Technical Studies Supporting Environmental Planning

CIS combines invaluable experience with diverse technical capabilities to assist our clients with all of their planning, permitting, and environmental obligations. Our project teams offer extensive backgrounds in the preparation of technical planning and environmental studies. CIS utilizes its involvement in the design and development of major projects to identify and creatively resolve environmental issues. CIS project teams possess the experience and expertise to perform the following technical studies: 


Meeting Client Needs in a regulatory Landscape

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Project Management

In our experience, a number of management tools are necessary to ensure the smooth and efficient implementation of a successful project. CIS will provide assistance to Interstate Water Supply Project in designing and developing the appropriate organizational, data, and communication procedures to effectively manage each project from start to finish.   Ceresola Inspection Services takes a strategic approach to project management. To be effective managers, we work closely with our clients to evaluate the scope and challenges associated with each project, and to determine the most appropriate method to achieve success. This requires understanding past history, regulatory climate, resource sensitivity, and budget and schedule constraints.   Communication is an important tool for effective project management. Communication must be consistent and clear, with appropriate reporting methods to document progress and outstanding items. We work hard to keep our clients (and our project team) well informed and aware of shifting priorities and needs. Frequent communications with on-call clients is equally important to understand future needs to ensure adequate resources are available when needed.  
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans
  • Water/Wastewater
  • Federal Section 404
  • Biological Resources
  • Archaeological/Paleontological/Historic Resources